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Nov 29, 2009 8:30am EST
redskins and glaxosmithkline created a triple solution for a healthier america. >> we call it the triple solution for a healthy america. it has three major components. one is around prevention. if you start looking at americans we have the highiest obesity rate in the world. something we mould not be proud of. we need to start looking at healthier lifestyles in term of eating and physical activity. which i know is important for the redskins. our next part is intervention. if you develop a chronic disease we want to make sure you start doing things that you need to do to keep that disease from getting worse. that includes things like taking your medication, seeing your doctor and making suring that you are developing a pattern of health lifestyles. third we are looking at invasion. with invasion we know that we have not solved all of the healthcare problems. we need to look at things like alzheimer's disease, which affect so many of us. >> the redskins team doctor aglee degrees -- agrees with a triple solution for a healthier america. >> you have to keep your activity level up. it doesn't
Nov 15, 2009 8:30am EST
transportation for america tries to get at why that happens. jimmy sillman reports >> reporter: over past 12 years more than 76,000 pedestrian have died only american roadways. a new study by the coalition for smarter growth and transportation for america rangings the america ranks d.c. the most dangerous. the report notes most pedestrian deaths are preventable. they occur because streets lack safe crosswalks for pedestrian. one example is central avenue. >> pedestrian are walking next to moving traffic. the sidewalk was placed not with a buffer but right next to the roadway. it is pretty intimidating to cross this street >> reporter: local pedestrian agree. >> you have to use very good judgement and make sure that the carthat is about to turn sees you >> reporter: the report concludes we should spends more money to make our streets safer for pedestrian. in prince george's county this is jimmy for 9 news now. >>> do you know what your kids are doing right now? this is video of some young teenagers with seemingly nothing eter to do than throw rocks at people in northeast d.c. it is all caugh
Nov 22, 2009 8:30am EST
magazine named it the most obscene city in america, herndon, beating out los angeles and philly. audrey barnes has the story. >> reporter: herndon, virginia, in president heart of d.c.'s tech corner has a secret. it has been named the most obscene city in america. >> it goes to show you that in the privacy of your own home i guess you really don't know what people are doing. >> reporter: apparently when they are not playing in the park, record numbers of herndon residents are googling those seven words says you should never say on television, beating out philadelphia, st. louis and los angeles in the business insiders survey. >> i'm surprised by that because i don't hear it too often. day-to-day. >> reporter: at the world gate shopping center they're calling it wordgate. >> i come here -- i hear it a lot but not herndon. >> kentucky last year came in first but this year they finished tenth. >> herndon want off the list. >> i would like to see the data of how that was collected and how that relates to the city in general. >> but if this dubious distinction makes people clean up their pot
Nov 8, 2009 8:30am EST
their non-legislative business. >> if we're expect k the rest of america to make these changes in their own homes, the logic being that we need to try to make those changes here, as well. >> reporter: that means changing the habits of hundreds of congressmen and thousands of staffers that work for them. >> you need to make it a partnership, not only with the people who, you know, are working on that greening initiative but also with the people we're sglefrg here in the office of the green in the capital program. they're on a mission. 6.5 million square feet of office space and their job is to reduce carbon footprint and the amount of waste and energy used. >> if a light bulb is fixed across the campus, fully reflectable paper and we're moving ahead with dramatic changes. one of the biggest waste streams we have is from our cafeteria operation which is gigantic. we have almost a million visitors come through the year through the capitol and they generate a lot of waste. >> it is sorted into compostable and non-compostable and this cuts down on the volume on the garbage. you might have seen a
Nov 1, 2009 8:30am EST
years. >>> you have probably heard of hands across america, now, there is bras across dc. a local radio station had hundreds of bras from the world where 2 memorial to lincoln memorial. the goal is to raise money for cancer research. every woman that donated a bra was asked to put $5. >> >> i want to you go six forward -- >> reporter: the students and instructor take their stitching seriously. so, we sent the two head socialites, mary anne and roxie to gem magic to see if it them spell bound. >> you are supposed to be able to add sparkles to anything, jeans, purses, belts. >> reporter: the gem magic is like a mini sewing machine, to use it, you size up the stone. >> when you let go, the stone is sitting there with the prong sticking out. >> reporter: and line it up. >> you put if in the fabric and push very lightly and then you lift, on the back, the little prongs are pushing to. >> reporter: roxie is a contower fashion instructor who works with all kinds of intricate material. she used it on a belt and a purse. mary anne used the hand-held gem magic on her denim creation. mary anne sai
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5